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Our Medicinal Chemistry team has the skill sets and experience to provide practical, cost-efficient and timely solutions to your drug discovery project through the best-fitting strategy to your needs


About Inofar

Inofar is a Medicinal Chemistry company that offers consulting services for preclinical phases of drug discovery projects, from design and selection of hit series to lead optimization. As a team, we benefit from the advantage of having worked together for many years in several kind of projects, which allow us to provide solutions for complex problems in a timely manner. We also benefit from access to an extended network of both industry and academia-based associates as a result of our longevity in the small molecule drug discovery field. Our collective expertise includes:

  • Design and evaluation of drug discovery projects

  • Structure-Based Ligand Design

  • Hit-to-Lead Medicinal Chemistry strategies, including screening follow-up

  • Lead optimization

  • Patent assessments and litigation support



MedChem Projects Design

Inofar provides a tailor-made consulting service for you to start your MedChem project. We are here for you in every step of the way in or just at any specific point where you feel our experience can help you.

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Hit-to-Lead & Lead Optimization

Inofar offers high-quality MedChem support for hit-to-lead and lead optimization programs. We will help you select the most promising hits for progression into subsequent phases.

Computational Services

Computational services are already part of our MedChem services but are also available independently on request. This can be the best approach for you if you need to understand a specific context within your project

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Patent Litigation Support

Inofar provides technical support in patent litigation and other intellectual property matters.

This service is designed to help law firms reduce the risks inherent in patent cases


Clients & Partners

Inofar provides tailor-made consulting services, so any customer with a MedChem-based problem fits our target clientship. We also have been involved in the context of several patent litigation processes, working closely with Law firms. Our MedChem experts have many years of solid experience working in collaboration with either academia or industry partners. 

Our Partners are spread over a multidisciplinary network of both industry and academia-based associates as a result of our longevity and pioneerism in the Brazilian Medicinal Chemistry community. They are a very important asset for Inofar, as they complement and extend our problem-solving capabilities.

MedChem Staff

  • Prof. Eliezer J. Barreiro, PhD. ORCID

  • Prof. Carlos Alberto Manssour Fraga, PhD. ORCID

  • Rodolfo do Couto Maia, PhD. ORCID

Selected References

  • Barreiro, E. J.; Kummerle, A. E.; Fraga, C. A. M. The methylation effect in medicinal Chemistry. Chemical Reviews, 111, p. 5215, 2011.

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