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Hit-to-Lead & Lead Optimization

Inofar offers high-quality Medicinal Chemistry support for hit-to-lead and lead optimization programs. Our medicinal chemistry experts help selecting in a multidisciplinary environment the most promising hit candidates for progression into hit-to-lead and lead optimization phases.

Our strategy implies iterative and complementary cycles of design and assessment.

  • Analysis of customer's screening hits

  • Selection of hit series of interest for the project

  • Search and selection of structural analogues

  • Multiparameter analysis aiming the optimization of one selected hit series: activity, selectivity, in silico ADME profile

  • Multiparameter analysis to chart the best course for the optimization of one selected lead: activity, efficacy, selectivity, ADME-Tox and PK profile

  • IP landscape will be considered for the design

  • Productive and frequent communication

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Hit-to-Lead & Lead Optimization

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